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Egyptian Doors for Metal Doors is one of the best companies in the field of metal doors in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

This is due to its distinguished quality and good prices for its products, such as metal doors and fire-resistant doors, as the company slogan is based on (quality is the secret of continuity). The company has achieved the difficult equation in the production process in terms of product quality, speed of supply and installation of the product, in addition to competitive prices with others, which are less than those in the Egyptian market, in order to achieve the difficult equation.

Which we are working to achieve, thanks to the ambition of the company’s employees and their firm desire to push the production cycles and make their company ranks among the major companies operating in this field

The company specializes in the installation all metal doors types. The company achieved, within a short period, a good reputation in the field of installation and became a distributor for many major companies working in the field of metal doors in the Arab countries, such as (Mariat Company, Scott Egypt, France Metal Company, Al-Kahimi Company for Metal Industries, Empet) and thus the company achieved at a time Very short of what she was striving for in achieving progress in her field.

Due to the increase in the projects in which the company works and the increasing demand for the supply of doors in addition to the installation, the company has agreed with Mariat & Scott and France Metal to distribute their products such as metal, fire-resistant and sliding doors, the company has achieved its most important goals (to be present in the Egyptian market as a supplier of metal doors) in addition to metal doors installation it is a very important step towards achieving the biggest goal of supplying metal doors from our factories and this was achieved through an understanding of market requirements and full adherence to contract terms and how to gain customer confidence


Company Projects

  • Lime factory - 6th of October City

  • Bank Mall - Sadat City

  • Sinatra Restaurant - Sodic Mall, Beverly Hills

  • Al-Mutahedoun Pharmaceutical Factory, 10th of Ramadan

  • Macaron Queen Factory, 10th of Ramadan

  • Ghabbour project, Tanta Mall

  • Town Mall, Tanta

  • Abi Seifin Church, Shoubra St.

  • Banha Sports Stadium

  • Sunrise Hotel, Marsa Alam

  • Beni Suef power station

  • Paper Company, Ind. zone, 6th of October City

  • Alexandria International Hospital

  • Eco-Bat factory for gypsum boards - El Ain El Sokhna

  • Sofi Al-Ned Project - Smart Village

  • The Arab Forum Project - Smart Village

  • Al Marakabi 2 Factory for Iron and Steel

  • Old Qasr Aini Hospital

  • El Sayeda Zeinab Hospital - intensive care rooms

  • Air Force Hospital – Abbasseya

  • Eden Hospital, El Nagda Sq, 6 of October City - intensive care rooms

  • Misr Express Factory - Industrial Zone, 6th of October City

  • B.TECH Shoubra branch

  • Suez Petroleum Depot

  • Symrise Egypt - 6th of October City

  • Hub Mall - Beverly Hills

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