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  • Fire-resistant and non-fire-resistant metal doors

  • Acoustic Doors

  • Doors for sterile environments

  • Armored doors

  • Doors and glass facades

  • Rolling shutter doors

  • Gates

  • Stainless steel doors

  • Crestal and forgeforge doors

    As well as various metal work and metal fences

Our Vision

The company has set an ambitious business plan that focusing on the company's capabilities instead of gradually improvement of the company's position by:

Occupying a leading position among contracting companies in the public and private sectors in Egypt through the implementation of contracting works that are transferred to the company through competition, as well as the implementation of contracting works for the benefit of other clients other than the Ministry of Housing clients through provincial reconstruction councils or with other ministries with high specifications.

Using modern methods and technology in projects instead of traditional methods

Restructuring and developing workshops for producing and painting metal doors.

Using modern systems to ensure quality, cost and customer satisfaction

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