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Egyptian doors

Egyptian Doors - Quality is the key to continuity

About us

The company works in the field of fire-resistant and non-fire-resistant metal doors, soundproof doors, doors for sterile environments, armored doors, glass doors and glass facades, rolling shutter doors, gates, stainless steel doors, etc., as well as various metal works and metal fences


In addition to the secretariat and the general manager, the company consists of an administrative structure as follows:


Accounting department


Installations & Execution department


Production department


The Technical Office


Marketing and Sales Department

The departments of the company are interconnected to achieve the desired goal, which is to be strongly present in the Egyptian market in order to achieve what we dream of, which is exporting abroad. The Marketing and Sales department began studying the Arab markets in order to export metal doors to these markets, or at least install metal doors to them

Information about the owner of the company


Name :
Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Diab

Qualification :
Bachelor of Business Administration

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